Monday, February 07, 2005


LS REG # 002
Series of 2005

The hardest thing for a guy to do is to restrain himself.

I find it hard to restrain myself.

What is the essence of restraint? Hesitance? Desistance? Fear? There are numerous possible reasons yet we always come to the same end – regret. The same regret that eats away at the very fabric of decency that keeps you human… the very same regret that throbs within the deepest recesses of your mind and crushes your heart leaving you bloodied and broken…

And still we try not to take responsibility for our actions.


A great man once said, “A man who doesn’t take responsibility for his words is a frail coward… a mere child who doesn’t know the value of honor.” Yet this very man is the epitaph of his own belief. He is the coward he himself despises. He is the same child he looked upon with disgust.

Restraint. Euphoria.

Euphoria is the false plane where we stand, where we feel safe… secure… untouchable. The brother of restraint, both however fail you miserably.

A few inches lie between your lips and the smooth, supple skin of the one you love. Every breath you take includes the sweet scent of her perfume and fills your soul with life. Her hair, fresh with the fragrance of a morning drizzle, slides between your fingers, drops down to your palms and caresses your arms. Her breath, as warm as an embrace, as soft as the feeling of her hands entwined with yours…tickles every inch of your body. Every sound she makes…every move… every whisper, is like the sweetest sonata you will ever hear. Her eyes, closed and wandering… her lashes fluttering like a thousand butterfly wings as a smile slowly curves in her lips…her lips… those you long to touch with your own…those you dream about every time you close your eyes in slumber. Every contact you make with her skin sends an electric surge of sensation that consumes your mind and awakens every nerve… every muscle… every part… coming alive with the life of a thousand doves flying off into the sunrise.

What do you do?

Shall you proceed?

Or restrain yourself?

I thought so…

Welcome to the world of regret.


sweet_tooth said...

well well well... first of all dae jang woo is the real name.. pero itatago ko na lang sa pangalang... hyun chul jang!!! hahaha! honestly, it may mean a lot of things... yan ang maganda sa lit... you can hide your crush in the character of a dog.. or in this case, hide your fantasies(?)in perfumes and butterflies =) =)

perfume is man's version of pheromone... a volatile substance that attracts a mate. How?
it stimulates your brain's limbic system which is ehem... responsible for sexuality.. sight is also a major stimulatory factor... i can't help but think... hhmm.. wala lang! hehe!

kidding aside... i like how you described the "her"... it gave me quite the flutter =)
These are one of life's ironies (tama ba?)

and by the way... don, what's holding you back? =)

yellow prescription said...

restraint should not always result to regret...not always...there are times that restraining myself from doing something i really want turned out to be rewarding...and although it may initially leave me frustrated, in the long run it's worth it... think "long term". :)

Waiting time is not wasted time for anyone in whose heart God has placed a vision. Difficult time. Painful time. Frustrating time. But not wasted time.
~Andy Stanley

carpe_diem said...

actually, i meant regret resulting from failure to restrain yourself...

and shee... what's stopping me?



carpe_diem said...

then again, i DID say that regret comes in different ways... and that i DID mean more than one interpretation... good luck deciphering :-)

yellow prescription said...

hah. don't tell me restraint and euphoria aren't really brothers,but rather...sisters...babae kumbaga...hahaha!

ok lng khit di ko gets...di pa kita ganun kakilala...yung file ni shee...gets ko... :) meteor garden...shooting star... :) at marami pang iba...kaso may ibang nagbabasa jan na baka iba ang maintindihan... ne? :) ":)"

teA said...

hekhek! i agree with liz that restraining doesn't always mean regret.

restraining, regret i think is relative.

butterflies...perfumes...don... hmmmm....

carpe_diem said...

meteor garden? shooting star? okay... you lost me :-)

yeah, related sila (ke brothers ke sisters, pareho din yun, po-tey-to po-tah-to :-) yung tipong magkapatid na hindi magkasundo. kung nasa state og euphoria ka, restraint is immaterial. pero pag sober ka na, jan papasok ang regret.

come to think of it, regret e parang kapatid sa labas.


winter said...

ako rin to...liz... :) eto yung pinaka unang blog ko noong undergrad earned me an invitation to gmail 2 years offer i still havent taken...imagine 1 gig email memory...anong gagawin ko dun?

nyway...iniisip ko kasi baka si ***** yung restraint at si ***** yung euphoria... (ay, magkaparehong # ng leta pala names nila!)

pero kung sinabi mong brothers...pwede ring sina...hindi ko kasi alam kung pwede akong mag name ng names eh! :)

congrats at ang taas ng grade mo...85? 95 kaya yan sa undergrad... :)

carpe_diem said...

sige! name names! *basta gawa ka ng codename at itext mo sakin yung codes...txt ha... TEXT! :-)

yellow prescription said...


nakakaaliw naman tong bagong format ng pag comment... :)

ei, bukas na lng ako mgne-name ng names...wala na akong load eh... :)

yey! manunod tayo ng...*pabulong dreamboy hehe... c you guys tomorrow! ;)

Anonymous said...

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