Tuesday, March 01, 2005

LS Reg #005

Series of 2005

Fire erupts from deep crevices on the ground as burning embers fall down from the already darkened sky. Slight aftershocks sweep across the buildings as shockwaves emit from every corner.

The spark of steel clashing against steel. A blacksmith’s masterpiece churning up chaos and beauty at the same time. Steel against steel. Steel against flesh.

“Hiten Mitsurugi, Amakekiro Ryuno Hirameki!”

Sparks fly. Steel against flesh.

And on the floor, a petite young woman lies with blood dripping from a wound. She wears a torn kimono with her wooden sword lying broken in her hands. She silently cries as her defender draws his sword in a Battou-Jitsu fashion, known to be an equal in speed with the ancient Japanese Shikuchi. She cries with fear, that her defender might not lose his life, much more, his credo.

Change of scenario.

She springs forward, thrusting her wooden sword into the blind side of her attacker, while a red-haired man lies against the wall, bleeding and spent. His cross-shaped scar once again drawing blood as he clutches his bleeding side as if to hold on for dear life.

The sound of wind being broken with each accurately placed swing of her weapon. The Kamiya-Kasshin trademark of speed and accuracy, well-placed with each succeeding thrust.

With every leap she makes, she glances back with tearful eyes at the man she protects with her very life. She willingly places herself in danger of death to ensure the safety of this man… this beaten, weakened man.
She stands between this man and the attacker. She faces her fallen love and touches his lips with her own, this touch sealed by a drop of her tears. Then she takes her stance and closes her eyes, as the shadow of her attacker devours the remaining light that shines.

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will there be a happy ending for them?

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