Saturday, April 23, 2005

LS Reg #006, Series of 2005

The Beach

Moon shines.
Stars fall.
Waves Crash.
The setting was perfect. The timing could not be better.
Yet inside my head a battle was raging. For what reason I don’t know, and for what purpose I can’t see.
Fire burns.
Music flows.
Water drizzles.
Nothing could spoil the beauty of the moment.
The moment.
The moment was exquisite. Emotion unfathomable. Beauty unquestionable.
There she walks on the sand, leaving footprints erased by the visiting surf.
There her hair flows with the wind.
What could not be better than this night?
Then again, what could be?
A deep breath, a wandering eye.
A surge of emotion burning mind and body.
She walks. She looks back.

“Pare…she’s waiting for you…”

“I know.”

I turn away.

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