Saturday, January 15, 2005


LS Reg. # 001
Series of 2004
Topic: TV

The reason why Pinoys love TV so much is that they get to live a different life in the tube. How?
We escape reality when watching the tube. We live the ideal life in front of the TV. (I still wonder why it’s called the “Boob Tube”. We don’t get to see a lot of boobs on TV nowadays, do we?)
Go watch a soppy love story and you spend the whole day thinking about that ideal “story” and the possibilities of you living one. You start to look for the ideal, the perfect and the memorable one. You eventually get dissatisfied with what you have and you begin wishing for something more like what you saw “on TV”. (Sassy Girl… I began thinking of the possibilities of a subway station being built up here in Baguio.)
Watch those teenaged melodramas during the weekends. Now, where in the decent world would you see a 15 year-old driving a 2003 Honda Civic VTI with Brembo pads, Momo racing steerers, Alpine sound systems, chrome-coated Neuspeed rims, a set of Sparco bucket seats and full body kits to school? (That would probably cost at least P1.5M. What parent in their right mind would give their 15 year old a set of wheels like that? In Manila? In this society? ) A taxi driver wearing a Ralph Lauren jacket, a Girbaud lazy cap and Rudy Project sunglasses? Where would you see parents giving their kid a week-long vacation in Hong Kong with his friends for his birthday? (And yes, his love interest gets to come, but with a catch. The rival gets to come, too. Watched that episode? Yeah, I did.) Where would you see a girl prancing around Katipunan holding out her Sony Ericsson P900 for everyone to see? (Frankly, that’s an open invitation.) The average life looks so extravagant on TV. Also, the rural life looks too… well… cliché as well. A vacation in their “probinsyanong” buddy’s province, and they end up in a poorly cooked up concept of a rural village set up in Tam-awan Village. C’mon.
Eating sidewalk isaw? Take it from me, sidewalk isaw isn’t colored BROWN when cooked. It’s dark RED with a hint of burnt brown and a bit of light pink where the raw flesh still remains. And please, isaw vendors do NOT use white cane vinegar with bits of “finely” chopped onions and garlic and pepper floating around. Why? Flavor, my friend. White vinegar is SOUR. Red vinegar (or some call it brown vinegar, or whatever) is sour, pungent and spicy. That’s why it’s the ideal broiling seasoning. Furthermore, they don’t use the lower half of a 1Liter mineral water PET bottle to put their vinegar in. And only one seasoning? Please. That’s TV for you. No realism at all. Pero balik tayo sa topic.
Models. Yeah, young, beautiful, well-built teens on TV. Again, another fantasy for us Pinoys. “I want a girl who looks like this hot chick I saw on TV… or at least dresses like her”… “I’m looking for a guy who has the same features as this guy on TV”. You see a Pinoy-Australian mestiza wearing tiny shorts and spaghettis driving her trusty “worn out” bicycle around the subdivision… and claims to be the daughter of a plumber? She’s got nice, slim, long legs, a great body, fine features, lovely lips, long, straight hair and perfect teeth… and she’s a plumber’s daughter? Get the drift?
Look at bar scenes. Why do they always drink Carlos I, Johnnie Walker or Jose Cuervo when they drink? Why don’t they have Kulafu, Beer na Beer or the all time favorite Empoy? Even in chocolate scenes… why don’t you see the local Cloud 9, Big Bang or the equally satisfying ChocNut?
Everything has to be extravagant on TV. You won’t see a pair of worn out Islander sandals on the beach.
Yes, extravagant. Living in the present Philippines has given us the desire to live the good life. Let’s face it, TV has a brainwashing effect. It instills in us the “ideal”, dictated by those media personalities and those bureaucrats who make money out of the feeblemindedness of some Pinoys.
There is a good life out there. But not on TV.
O kaya bitter lang ako dahil sa lecheng TV na yan kasi di ako nakapag review ng maayos kahapon para sa exam ko. P500 pa ang cable every month, leche talaga oo….

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