Wednesday, July 20, 2005

guys, i am adopted...

this is my little secret that i want to share to all of you.. I AM ADOPTED.
i know how it feels like to be adopted because i am one.
But unlike those that we see in movies, i don't feel left out, simply because i am not an original part of the family that i am with right now.
I don't hate my adoptive family as well.
Rather i am most thankful to them for they accpeted me and loved for who i am and for what i am.. they cared the way a family should care, and even if i wasn't a part of them from the start they loved me still.
Yes, we've had misunderstandings inside the family, but we can talk about our disparities and settle things out.
There was a time when i felt the impact of not being in a part of the original family, but because i love them and i know that they love me i set aside that fact and render it to be less important...

do you see that picture above? that's my adoptive family... some of them i don't even know personally and they may not know that i am an adopted friend, yet still i love this family..

to you guys... THANKS a lot, for making me feel loved and
accepted... =)

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