Saturday, November 20, 2004

a different side of a man...


If you ever wonder about the man in your may want to look inside.
Look inside. To see a different side of a man. Look inside. Realize that he can and does feel for you something different, something special. He wakes up in the morning, and you're the first thing on his mind. If he could call you right then and there, he would. When he sees you, his heart leaps. Not just the first time, not just when you're "alone" but every time. Every time he meets you, it's as if his whole world has been renewed. It doesn't matter if it's raining, or sunny, snowing, pleasant, or dreary. You make the rain tender, the sun warmer, the snow caressing, a dreary day funny, and a pleasant day perfect. Without you, his days would have no meaning. Of course, you say "But there could be another." He says "There isn't another. You are the only one..." He brings you flowers. Not so you'll like him more, or so you'll give him a kiss, but because he simply loves to make you happy. To see that smile on your face.
Though you never knew it, it took him four months to get the courage to ask you out. Yes, he was nervous, scared. All guys are. While they try to seem tough and insensitive-deep down asking a girl out is the hardest thing in the world. And it's only that hard because of you. You just had to be so perfect, so beautiful that his fear of rejection became overwhelming. And the day you said "sure" was the best day of his life. Look inside.
Sometimes you find something that you weren't looking for. Though he won't admit it, he'd much rather cuddle with you in front of the TV for an evening than go out with the guys (well most of the time). When you hold his hand, when he holds yours, it's the best feeling in the world. And when he sees you hurt or crying, it's ripping his heart in two. Deep down, he's a romantic. He'd love to sing you songs, but he just doesn't have the voice. He'd love to take you on a moonlit walk down the beach, but he has to settle for a stroll in the park. He wishes he could bring you a dozen roses every day, but his wallet just won't let him. Making you happy is his main goal in life.
Some would say that a guy like this is not a man. He is too sensitive, too weak. But I say, for all the reasons on this page, that these things are precisely what makes him a man. And your existence alone has already completed his life. You are not aware of it, but he cherishes each and every moment with you as if it could be his last. Because, deep down, he is afraid that you may just decide to leave. And that is his biggest fear. And if you did leave, this man would cry. Each second with you completes him. Whether you're walking together somewhere, cuddling on a chair, skiing the slopes, sharing an ice cream cone. No matter what it is you are doing, it makes him completely happy just to be with you. Look inside. It is often surprising. The little things are what he cherishes most. When he gets to brush your hair, when you accidentally (or perhaps on purpose) brush fingertips. When you call unexpectedly, just to say hi. He lives for these moments. He would, if given the chance, die for you. This may seem ridiculous, but he would gladly give anything and all for you. Just look inside. And you may find something worth holding onto.
Now, just look around...because this guy is out there. Right now, at this very second, he is thinking of you. You may or may not know who he is. It may be your boyfriend, your best "guy friend" or it could be someone you've never met. All the same, someday all he'll want to do is make you happy. Look inside. I've loved and been loved. I've hurt and been hurt. This is life. But believe me, true love still exists.

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